Delving Deeper — Gaming within Kink Populations (Migration testing Jon)

Delving Deeper -- Gaming within Kink Populations

Kink is increasingly coming out of the shadows in American culture, a hidden gem that was once considered a shameful secret.  Kink, also called Consensual Fetish, is not only common, but it is also a potential source of mental health benefits, often through roleplaying.  The use of D&D 3rd Edition has become a common RPG for kinksters (those who are actively in the kink community).  Utilization of this framework, as well as how other games and editions, will be explored.  What can one do to support their Adult Baby/Diaper Lover client, or their client struggling to find community for their Puppy Play?  How does one find a framework that caters to bondage or degradation and still call it therapy?  Furthermore, how does one use games to do so?  This and more will be explored within the context of the presentation.

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