07 – Queerness in Geek Spaces – LGBTQIA+ Intersectionality with Geek Passions

Queer and geek identities share an unfortunate commonality – that of an other among their community. Their arcs of presence in the U.S. are more and more mainstream, becoming vital in the conversation about what it is to be a geek and how being queer has anything to do with it. The goal of this training is to develop cultural competency surrounding the geek community, online and live social dynamics, and social identity theory relating to them.  If you’d like to understand how these forms of identity intersect, exist, and belong in the realm of mental health, please join us for a training led by Dr. Sarah Sawyer on the topic. She is an out clinician, and a pioneering expert in geek psychology – specializing in identity and the LGBTQIA+ population.

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